Members and Governing Council

Composition of the District Mineral Foundation Trust – Annamayya District

The Collector and District Magistrate, Annamayya District has constituted  the Governing Council with the following members, namely:


Official Designation   
Committee Portfolio   
   1     The Collector & District Magistrate, Annamayya   District       Chairperson  
    &  Managing Trustee   
 2    Joint Collector, Annamayya District      Trustee   
   3    District Tribal Welfare Officer, Annamayya   District       
4    Project Director, DRDA, Annamayya District       
5    District Medical & Health Officer, Annamayya   District       
 6    Joint Director of  Animal Husbandry,  Annamayya District  Trustee   
 7    Joint Director of Agriculture, Annamayya   District    Trustee   
 8     Superintendent Engineer, Panchayat Raj, Annamayya   District       Trustee   
9     Superintendent Engineer, Rural Water Supply, Annamayya   District       Trustee   
 10     Superintendent Engineer, Tribal Welfare, Annamayya   District       Trustee   
Superintendent Engineer, Irrigation, Annamayya   District   
District Educational Officer, Annamayya District   
 13    Project Officer, RVM, Annamayya District       Trustee   
 14    General Manager, District Industries Center,   Annamayya District       Trustee   
 15    Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Praja Parishad, Annamayya   District       Trustee   
 16    District Panchayat Officer, Annamayya       Trustee   
 17     District Mines & Geology Officer, Annamayya   District       Member  Convener   
 18    Divisional Mines & Geology Officer, Madanapalli,   Annamayya District       Trustee    
 19    Two representative of the lessees to be   nominated by the District Collector       Trustee   
 20    Two Women representative of the self help groups   to be nominated by the District Collector    Trustee   
21     All the members of the parliament of loka sabha of the District .    Trustee   
22     All the members of Legislative Assembly of   District        Trustee   


As per G.O Ms.No:73, Industries & Commerce (M.III) Department Dt: 02.11.2021 and Letter No: 13664/P-DMF/2015 Director of Mines and Geology, Ibrahimpatnam the government as decided to amend the District Mineral Foundation Rules, 2016 incorporation Certain rules regulating the composition of Governing Council and managing committee of District  Mineral Foundation duly including MPs/MLAs/MLCs in said council of respective district.

Power and Functions of the Governing Council:

  1. The council shall meet one every Quarter in a Financial Year.
  2. Quorum for the Council shall be 50% of the members
  3. Management and day to day functioning of the Trust
  4. Prepare and maintain the list of directly and indirectly affected areas by mining related operations.
  5. Approve the list of beneficiaries identified in the manner as specified in Part-XI.
  6. Approve the master plan or perspective plan;
  7. Guide the gramsabhas in the district by deciding the priority areas and sectoral allocations;
  8. Monitor and supervise the activities undertaken in scheduled areas;
  9. Ratify the appointment of auditors and approve annual reports;
  10. Monitor the proper functioning of the Trust;
  11. Approve the annual budget, audit report and annual plan of the Trust;
  12. Award contracts & works and sanction the payment;
  13. Grant administrative sanction for projects, release and disburse the Trust Fund;
  14. Appoint & Remove staff taken on outsourcing basis;
  15. Supervision of execution of contracts and works, and matters incidental thereto;
  16. Maintenance of proper books of accounts;