Wooden Toys (Raja Rani Dolls)


About ODOP

One District One Product (ODOP) initiative is aimed at fostering balanced regional development across all districts of the country. The initiative aims to select, brand, and promote at least One Product from each District (One District – One Product) of the country for enabling holistic socioeconomic growth across all regions.



The Andhra Pradesh government has identified one product each from 13 districts under the ‘One District One Product’ (ODOP) programme that aims at developing traditional industrial hubs at the district level. It is also preparing action plans to realise the export potential of the respective products. Settigunta Wooden Toys are identified as the Secondary Product to be promoted under ODOP initiative from Annamayya District.

History and Significance

Raja Rani Dolls (in Tamil Marapachi Dolls) come in pairs – a Male & Female. Raja Rani Dolls are a popular and iconic item in Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka. These dolls are an essential component of the Bommala Koluvu display during the festival of Navaratri. Traditionally gifted to a couple at the time of their wedding, the Raja Rani pair is adorned with jewellery, traditional costumes and a mock marriage ceremony is conducted in India during Dasara celebrations.Bommala Koluvu

The craft is practiced at Lakshmigaripalli, Yanadi Colony, Settigunta and its surrounding yillages of Rly. Kodur Mandal, Annamayya Dist. For the past 10 decades, 264 craft families have been practicing this wood carving craft. Irrespective of their caste, they have learned the skill of making Raja Rani Dolls. Currently, around 350 artisans have taken membership and work collectively for the development of wood carvers into a professionally managed, self-reliant community enterprising on the principles of effective member participation and mutual cooperation.

Artisans at Work



The cluster artisans manufacture 3 categories of wooden artefacts, namely,

  1. Raja-Rani Dolls
  2. Wood Turned Items – God & Goddess Idols
  3. Household items (Home Décor)





Raw Material

The basic Raw Material is wood (country wood). Earlier (50 years ago), the artisans used Red Sander, Srigandam and Barma Teak due to the ban on Red sander, Non-availability of Srigandam, Barma Teak. Currently, the craft persons use country wood such as country Teak, Venga, Neem, Chimachintha.

Procurement of Raw Material

The required wood is bought from Timber depots at Tirupati and nearby areas from the local farmers.

Making of Toys

The craft persons use hand chisel, wooden hammer, hand operated saw for making of these dolls. The artisans cut the wood poles into required sizes using a saw, the round pieces are cut again into the required size and the pieces are put in water for obtaining smooth wood. Now, for making the dolls a rough line sketch of raja and rani is made on it and sharpened by a chisel after carving work is done. The dolls retain the natural texture of wood or at times are coloured black and polished, the wood is dyed red using chemical dyes to achieve the red sander wood colour.

Product Range:


Product Types


Sample Figurines –

Raja Rani 1 Raja Rani 2


Lord Balaji Goddess Lakshmi Lord Balaji
Lord Balaji Goddess Lakshmi Lord Balaji


Raja Rani assorted



Action Plan Report for promotion of the Product:

             With a view of making Wooden Toys (Raja-Rani Dolls) and multi-product activities in Annamayya district Cluster more productive, competitive, sustainable and to achieve a quantum leap in the volumes of Sales, it is proposed to undertake cluster development initiatives under Micro & Small Enterprises – Cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP).

         An Industrial Co-operative Society is formed to act as an Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with support from District Industries Centre (DIC), Annamayya district, registered under section 7 of AP Co-operative Societies Act of 1964 with the General Manager, DIC. Regd. No.INDV.183 /93. A DPR is prepared based on the new guidelines of MSME-CDP. Accordingly, the proposal under consideration is setting up of a Common Facilities Centre (CFC) for Wooden Toys (Raja Rani Dolls) Cluster at Lakshmigaripalli Village, Railway Kodur Mandal, Annamaya District, Andhra Pradesh.

         The SPV focuses on the following parameters such as increased sales, enhanced product category, extended market reach, financial stability and effective management. The initiatives proposed on each of the focus parameters concerning the cluster are given below:

Focus Parameter

Proposed Initiatives

Increased Sales/Profitability

  • Adopting state-of-the-art technologies
  • Optimising capacity utilization
  • Streamlining raw material
  • Procurement/Sourcing with minimum inventory
  • Enhancing productivity – Lean/ Skilling of labour
  • Waste reduction

Enhanced Product category


  • Product enrichment
  • Customized product development
  • Improved Product mix/diversification
  • Design development (BDS)
  • Improved packaging
  • Ensuring quality of product and standardization

Extended Market reach


  • Effective channel of distribution
  • Engage Business Development Services(BDS) providers for Product positioning and Dealer /Distributor network
  • Adaptive product pricing for the target market segment
  • Registration with the concerned Board and establishing a marketing network
  • Registration with marketing portals viz. GEM, Indiamart, Justdial, Amazon,Flipkart, Myntra, etc.
  • Participation in Exhibitions, Fairs
  • Tapping the Export potential
  • Competitive supply chain and Logistics

Financial stability


  • Convergence of Government schemes
  • Strengthening linkage with banks (for working capital and expansion needs)
  • Ploughing back of profit from CFC operations
  • Equity enhancement by adding new members to the SPV

Effective management


  • Visit other functional clusters to understand the management methods
  • Management training for SPV office bearers
  • Establishing a system in place, implementing best practices.


Activities being undertaken by the District administration under ODOP initiative:

  • The Industries Department (District Industries Centre) at the District level has proposed Settigunta Wooden Toys (Raja-Rani Dolls) as a Cluster under MSE-CDP for holistic growth of the activity and inclusive development of the artisans.
  • Regular Workshops, Awareness programs are being conducted by Development Commissioner, Handicrafts Department, GoI; District Industries Centre, Annamayya district; NABARD and NGOs for upskilling and Technology Transfer to the artisans. Taking cognisance of the work conditions of the wood carvers, AP Handicrafts’ Development Society, the parent body of Lepakshi Emporium, on the State government’s directions, has set up woodcraft and toy making workshops.
  • The Development Commissioner, Handicrafts Department, GoI; Lepakshi and District Industries Centre, Annamayya district are facilitating the artisans to participate in the Trade Fairs and Exhibitions for promotion of the sales.
  • After a series of discussions with Controllers of all the major banks, working capital loans were extended by Canara Bank and Kadapa District Co-operative Central Band to the artisans in JLG mode. 22 JLG groups were formed in the cluster with a loan support of Rs.89 lakh. Facilitation in credit linkage of artisans through PMEGP scheme was also done.
  • To improve the income of the artisans, an MEDP programme on Doll Dressing was implemented in the cluster for 30 women SHG members.
  • One Skill Development Programme, covering 30 artisans was implemented for enabling the artisans to manufacture spare parts of cots, wooden flower vases, decorative tumblers and wooden kitchen ware.
  • A survey of artisans was undertaken to identify the artisans dependent on the craft, skilling the gap and exploring marketing avenues.
  • A General awareness programme with support of Central Board for Workers Education covering 150 artisans was conducted.
  • Some artisans were sponsored for participating in National Level and State Level exhibitions like Mahalakshmi SARAS, Stall in Mall, NABARD Crafts Mela, Deccan Haat, etc


Events/Promotional Activities:


Exhibition1 Marriage dolls
Eenadu Training NABARD Training
Present CM


ODOP sensitization workshops being conducted for current stakeholders and next generation stakeholders

  • A workshop is conducted by Development Commissioner, Handicrafts Department, GoI on awareness of the skill and to encourage the next generation to take up the profession.
  • An NGO viz., Sri Likhi Women Welfare association in coordination with NABARD has conducted Skill Development Program for one week (02-9-2022 to 09-09-2022) to the Women and local artisans.


Mentors registered with District to provide mentorship to beneficiaries

Mentor Name

Contact Number

K. Subbarayudu, President

Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Artistic Wooden Toys Workers Industrial Cooperative Society Limited, Lakshmigaripalli

+91 9949361582

Sai Kumar, Director

Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Artistic Wooden Toys Workers Industrial Cooperative Society Limited, Lakshmigaripalli

+91 9010702892


Funding support

           To meet the working capital needs of the artisans, the society mobilized bulk loans from financial institutions;in turn, this amount was distributed to artisans. So far, 125 artisans received loans through the society.

         The District Industries Centre, Khadi Village Industries Board and Khadi Village Industries Commission have sponsored around 20 PMEGP applications to the banks and the District Industries Centre has facilitated to get 15 applications sanctioned under PMEGP scheme so far.


Rules, Regulations, Acts, Govt schemes to propel the ODOP initiative



National Handicrafts Development Programme (NHDP)

Comprehensive Handicrafts Cluster Development Scheme (CHCDS)

Craft Demonstration-cum-Awareness Programme

Marketing Support & Services (MSS)

Margin Money Scheme for Artisans under  Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP)

Micro and Small Enterprises – Cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP)

Margin Money Scheme for Artisans Under Mudra Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

NABARD programmes for supporting Handicrafts

  • Organising artisans into Producer Organisations (Off-Farm Producer Organisations)
  • Skills Development Programmes
  • Sponsoring artisans for exhibitions
  • Financial assistance for Geographical Indicator (GI) tag
  • Any other interventions under project mode under “My District My Product” for developing district specific products


ODOP Team:

District Nodal Officer, Nodal Department and Dedicated team




District Handlooms And Textiles Officer (Assistant Director)

Handlooms &Textiles Department

Deputy Director, Industries

Assistant Director, Handlooms & Textiles

Industrial Promotion Officer, Industries Dept

Development Officer, Handlooms & Textiles

Dedicated Help line or call centre/support desk for ODOP


Contact Number


Industrial Promotion Officer



Department providing institutional support to beneficiaries availing support under ODOP initiative

Department of Industries

District Industries Centre

Room No 8, 9 & 10, Minority Girls Hostel Building,

Near Collectorate, Rayachoty-516270,

Annamayya District, Andhra Pradesh