Wooden Toys (Raja Rani Dolls)


One District One Product (ODOP) is an initiative by the Government of India with the goal of selecting, branding and promoting at least one product from each district in the country to facilitate comprehensive socioeconomic growth across all regions. The scheme adopts the ODOP approach to leverage the advantages of scale in terms of input procurement, access to common services, and product marketing. 

Under this initiative, Annamayya District has Raja Rani dolls selected as its ODOP product, made in the villages of Laxmigaripalli and Settigunta in Andhra Pradesh.  These wooden Raja Rani dolls are known for their natural colours and use Kudumatti wood, Sarkar Wood and Teak Wood.  Raja Rani dolls offer an exquisite home décor, treating beautiful wooden bride dolls with intricate detailing.  Whether it’s for a living room or a bedroom, they added a traditional vibe.  These bejeweled beauties range from 6 inches to 25 inches, so you can rule your kingdom of dolls in style.  

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Department of Handlooms & Textiles

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Contact No.:9440726541

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Thematic Exhibition at Tirupati showroom premises

16-07-2024 to   20-07-2024





Action Plan

  • For Raja Rani dolls Artisans, Lepakshi, an undertaking of the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh gives opportunities for participation in Exhibitions and collaboration with DC(H) enhances chances for participation in domestic as well as National wide exhibitions.
  • With advanced technology in Machinery provided through DC(H,) artisans will be able to use innovative products for making Raja Rani dolls items thereby producing more quantity with better quality.
  • Provide financial assistance through various Schemes being implemented by the State and Central Government for better development of artisans 
  • Provide various training programmes in Raja Rani dolls products, skill upgradation programmes under various schemes of Government of India and Government of Andhra Pradesh.


Raja Rani Dolls

Annamayya (Rayachoty & Laxmigaripally) District

  • Raja Rani dolls are a popular and iconic item in Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka. These dolls are an essential component of the Bommala Koluvu display during the festival of Navaratri.
  • The dolls represent the King and Queen and are often elaborately carved and painted with intricate details. The dolls are not just decorative items but are considered a symbol of tradition and culture.
  • These dolls are traditionally given to the bride as a wedding gift, making them the first doll collection in the Bommala Koluvu.
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List of Activities Being Undertaken by District Administration Under ODOP Initiative:

  • Design and Technical Development workshop for Raja Rani dolls – Training programme for 30 Artisans – 1 month programme.  
  • DC(H) and APHDCL planning to collaborate to issue toolkits to artisans for development of Raja Rani dolls products.
  • Conducting District and State wide exhibitions
  • Pehchan Cards issued to 120 members for Raja Rani dolls Artisans.


Red Sander & Wood Carvings

Annamayya (Rayachoty, Laxmigaripally & Settigunta) District 

The tradition of making Raja Rani dolls from Red Sanders wood, which is only available in Annamayya District of Andhra Pradesh has been kept alive by many craftsmen, to create one of its kind, highly attractive articles like mythological Figures, Bowls, Glasses, Cup and saucers etc.

The Artisans are known for their extensive range of exquisitely patterned pieces of art works in Red sanders wood, which are in great demand all over the world for their decorative value. 

Laxmigaripalli and Settigunta in the Annamayya district are the main areas where Red Sander wood is grown. Though the wood is banned at present, the local artisans are permitted to possess a specified quantity.

The wood is supplied by the APHDC which in turn procures it from the forest department of Govt. of A.P. at a subsidized price.

The most popular items are traditional Raja Rani dolls, vessels and tumblers in small sizes. Recognizing the medicinal properties of this wood, tumblers are in demand and made on a moderate scale. This product is made in only three to four villages in the Annamayya district. It is sold through local dealers in pilgrimage centers, with Tirupati being the main market. APHDC also sells the product through its network of Lepakshi Emporia.

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Applique Work

Annamayya (Rayachoty) District

The tradition of making Applique work products is locally available in Madanapalli, Annamayya District of Andhra Pradesh.  The traditional applique craft work is made particularly on fabrics of red, black, yellow, green and white.  The base of the materials is prepared in the shape of oval, square or rectangle bags.  Over this stitched materials, varied colours of threads and tiny mirrors are added to the cloth after the embroidery work is done.

Despite advances in the modern era, the users prefer objects that are classy and old, are always chosen for their antiquity, unique appeal and appearance.

Embroidery bags are among the most popular bags used by customers and Lepakshi handicrafts offers a wide variety of bags that are hand-made with colourful patterns, thread work, mirror works, stripes and other features. These come in various shapes and sizes that are not only attractive but blend perfectly, according to the occasion.

The embroidery work is done by skilled men and women and usually the nomadic tribes of Banjaras are quite skillful in creating bags of unbeatable quality and appearance.

The sheer look of these bags makes them quite appealing for those who use them, regularly and also during events like weddings, and special festivals. The mirror works and the shape decide their purpose and Lepakshi is the destination for customers who prefer high quality hand-made bags for different purposes.

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